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Latsch is located in the Vinschgau valley, the orchard of South Tyrol. Due to its favorable climatic conditions and the many sunny days, most fruit per inhabitant is grown in Latsch than anywhere else in South Tyrol. The culinary delights of the valley are a reflection of the “Vinschger” way of life.

Mountain Bike Trails in Latsch, Vinschgau Valley

The “Sonnenberg” above Latsch, which is unique in terms of scenery, offers the ideal terrain for diverse bike tours: from the Annenberg Easy Trail via the flowing Tschilli Trail to the classic for the cyclists, the Sankt Martin am Kofel tour.

The green “Nördersberg”, however, captivates cyclists with its mountain forests and meadows. With their shady woods and the wild streams, the hills at the “Nördersberg” provide ideal conditions for cycling in summer, when it is too hot at the “Sonnenberg”. The classical Freiberger Alm Alpine pasture tour, the Morterer Leger tour, the Tarscher or the Latscher Alm Alpine pasture tour as well as the technical Latscher Trailzauber trail are very popular.


Discovering the Vinschgau Valley and its surroundings

In addition to hikes throughout the orchards and along the “Waalwege”, Latsch offers many other interesting excursion destinations. Numerous hikes and bike tours can be undertaken both down in the valley and up on the mountain.

Various offers from the Tourist Office in Latsch include bike training, Nordic walking courses, rafting, guided hikes, family lama trekking, apple educational trail and cultural tours through the village.

With the “Vinschger” train you can travel through the Vinschgau Valley and reach the nearby spa town of Meran comfortably.

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From April to November you will receive here the VenostaCard. This valuable card allows you to explore the area of Venosta and South Tyrol without limits and at favourable prices throughout your stay. Among the standard services, please note the free use of the Val Venosta train and all public transport. You can also enjoy discounts for cable cars, museums, and recreational facilities.